Honda K20/K24 Beltless Dry Sump System by AT Power

This is a new project which we've spent a long time trying to get going. It came about due to my Time Attack car needing a proper Honda K20 dry sump system and no current off-the-shelf systems being quite what we wanted, mainly due to packaging reasons. Therefore we approached AT Power, a UK company who are starting to specialise in a new wave of dry sump systems and who have plenty of previous experience with the Honda K20. In fact, they already make a normal style K20 dry sump system. Added to this, they also have the benefit of being able to produce their own pumps.

So, rather than following the norm this new K20/K24 concept involves driving the pump internally using the standard chain, therefore ending the need for the crank/pump pulley and drive belt. With this in mind it also seemed appropriate that the pump should be mounted directly onto the sump pan with the scavenge ports running through the pan itself and directly into the pump. This removes the need for so much pipe work/fittings under the pan and should also reduce potential leak paths, whilst at the same time saving on plumbing costs.

It's planned for the system to use three stages. One for the pressure stage and two for scavenging from the pan itself.

There will also be provision for a turbo oil drain, by building a feed into the top section of the pan.

Pressure/return ports will be positioned to allow for the shortest possible pipe runs. We have made provision for the 'oil in' to be intake side but using a special 90 degree swivel fitting to allow conplete flexibility. 'Oil out' will be positioned at both intake and exhaust side so that the end user can choose which suits them best. The turbo oil drain will be exhaust side.

Built-in adjustable pressure relief/valve.

So, a few details about the pumps themselves:- (Final pump spec/flow rate/gearing to be finalised after testing)

Machined from billet & not cast.

Dual-ported to aid rotor fill at high rpm and deliver a more stable oil flow sooner & for longer.

Stages dowelled for true alignment.

Bearings at front & rear of the shaft.

ARP fasteners used throughout the pump.

The sump pans will also be machined from billet aluminium.


Self-priming system. The scavenge pumps are situated directly below the oil collection troughs and are therefore always always full of oil, meaning no problems with lubrication on initial start-up.


The whole system will end up around at 96mm deep and therefore much shallower than an OEM K20 pan at 155mm. More importantly though, it will be completely contained within the silhouette of a standard pan, with absolutely no clearnace/packaging issues in any chassis and even for those wanting to retian air-con.

The technical drawings for this system have now been completed and signed off. Next, a fully functional prototype will be machined and built up, ready for some vigorous testing, both on the bench and on track.


I'll be fitting one of these systems to my car but I'm also arranging a group-buy for the very first production batch at a price that will be a big saving over both the projected retail and also trade price. The first run will see units available at a one-off cost of £1,750 plus vat. I already have a list a people who are going to take part, but the more the merrier. So if anyone is interested, please send me a message with some contact details so that I can keep you informed about how it's going to work. On a side note, we'll be working with ProAlloy Motorsport to make us an oil tank to use with this system. Getting the tank right is crucial to getting the system working properly, so please consider this aspect of the system very carefully. However, this will be a tank with a difference and I'll hopefully be able to provide info about this too in due course, as the kits will not come with any pipework or oil tanks. 

At this point it's probably worth mentioning that I have absolutely no financial involvement with AT Power with regards to this project. I have nothing to gain from it (financially) apart from ending up with a suitable system that's available for me to buy!

Well I think that's about for now, but I'll try and keep this thread up to date with any additional info I get.

Thanks for reading.



Making some progress now:-

The finished system


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