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Name: Jamie Willson

D.O.B: 14/06/1979

Home town: Tenterden, Kent


Job: Owner of Tenterden House Interiors, interior furnishing business.

Hobbies: motorsport, cars, food, DIY.....





Hi. My name is Jamie Willson, and I live and work in Tenterden, Kent. I am the owner of a family furnishing business called Tenterden House Interiors, which specialises in the finest, hand-made English furmiture and accessories.


As for my private life, I'm married and have two small children and therefore have to juggle my time very carefully.


I've been interested in cars for quite a few years now and have owned and tracked number of newer high performance cars. However, a few years back I decided I would like to tinker with something a bit older, something which I could make my own. It needed to be light, with a great chassis and with scope for modifications.


I decided on an S1 Lotus Exige. Since taking ownership of the fairly standard car, it has undegone numerous changes and has been developed further and further by myself, various individuals and companies who I rely on heavily.


At the end of 2009 I decided that I wanted to try something a little more competitive, but without the higher running costs and risks of damage, associated with door to door racing. I also couldn't afford lots of weekends away from business and home.

Therefore, after some research, I decided that the Time Attack series was the one for me. It works a bit like qualifying, with several sessions throughout the day to set your fastest laptime. The series is open to almost anyone and has very few rules to adhere to. It is run very well, has huge amounts of followers and spectators and takes place at some of the best circuits our country has to offer. Full details of the series can be found on the Time Attack website.


So, I was going to enter into the Club Challenge class, the lowest class out of the three available to me. Preparation and upgrades of the car began and were then finally completed on the journey up to the test day, the day before the first round in 2010. These improvements changed the car from having a road/track day biased spec to a more focused and serious spec. The car behaved very nicely indeed and out of the box so to speak and I ended up winning the first round of 2010. I came second at the next round and won again at the third. I, along with my two closest rivals, were then moved up a class into Club Pro due to being within 5% of their lap times. Luckily my car was in line with the safety requirements for this class, but I had to get my race lisence in order to compete. Anyway, I won my next round and finished the season coming second in the final round, giving me the overall championship win for my class.


All my race reports and some video footage can be found in the 2010 section.


After 2011, my year out, with nothing car related going on, I had serious withdrawal symtoms and therefore decided to enter again in 2012. However, this time in the Pro Class. This was a huge step up, both for me and my car and work on the car started. Once again, I had a great season competing in the Club Pro Class and ended up as 2012 champion.




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